Five Things that Should Always Be in Your Camping Pack

Five things you should always have camping

Camping can be an amazing experience if done properly. A true bonding time for the family and/or a chance for people to get back to our primal roots. However, it should be done properly and with the equipment to ensure whatever your objective is, that you are successful. This starts with having the proper gear. These are five things you want to make sure are included that people often forget.

Essential camping gear

1. A Dependable Knife

A nice knife or ever a hatchet is something that can be used someway every single time you go camping or really do almost anything in the outdoors. This is an absolute must have that people tend to forget for some reason.

Essential camping gear

2. Proper Weather Attire

This is another thing that can not be understated. You don’t want to be miserable the whole time because you are cold or even wet. Be prepared for anything that could be thrown your way when you are camping. Pack a jacket and be safe rather than sorry.

Essential camping gear

3. Batteries

These little guys can make or break your trip. These can power some of the stoves you may use, flash lights, and lanterns. not just having batteries, but having some spares can go a long way in having a successful trip.

Essential camping gear

4. Duct Tape

You never know when you are going to need some duct tape. From fixing a tent that has ripped to taping down table clothes during high winds. Duct tape should be something that everyone has handy whether it is in the vehicle, home, bug-out-bag, and in their camping pack.

Essential camping gear

5. Bug Spray

This is one that cannot be stressed enough. Nothing can ruin a fun time in the great outdoors like having mosquitos all ever the place and having to deal with these pesky creatures. having some bug spray handy could pay off in a big way. Additionally there are things to put into your fire: lavender, mint leaves, sage and citronella all do some amazing work when it comes to keeping these nuisances away.

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