Coronavirus Update March 6th 2020

Coronavirus March 6 2020  update on the coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) released reports of a 3.4% mortality rate of COVID-19. Doing simple math today. I got 3.8% but that’s besides the point. This number could really be anywhere between 2%-3% because of people who are refusing medical care and just those stubborn people that everyone knows (I’m one of those people).

Many epidemiologist are now saying this virus will infect more people than any other pandemic in recorded history. it will eventually become like the common flu I believe once the body has built up some natural immunity to it but it seems like that could take a couple generations from what I am gathering from interviews of epidemiologist.

Many people say the season flu is worse and when this virus was first formed I in a way believe that as well. “Oh great the world is ending again” I thought. However it became more serious when I was looking into stats and how the virus spreads and the incubation period. I am now fully convinced that I, my wife, and quite possibly my children will be infected with this virus in the coming weeks or months. Lucky, we are relatively young and this should not affect us much. Even better, only .9% of infections are children and so far not one child has died from COVID-19.

This virus has a much higher mortality rate for individuals 40 and above. Really though 60+ are the individuals that seem to be in the most danger from this virus.

Let’s look at the numbers

There are roughly 7.7 billion people in the world. That means 4.62 billion to 6.16 billion people could potentially get infected by this virus. 3.4% of those numbers indicated that 157 million to 209 million people could die from this infection. That is absolutely insane to try and comprehend. Now let’s just do 2% because those numbers could be off or it could weaken as it spread as well. However, that is still 92.4 million to 123.2 million people becoming fatalities to this virus.

Put it in Perspective

Imagine walking outside to your suburban neighborhood, the hood you live in, your apartment complex, or even your trailer park. Now imagine 80% of your neighbors, your loved ones, your friends in that community infected. Imagine a few of them dying now? It is absolutely crazy to consider.


At first, I was very skeptical to say the least. This isn’t like Ebola, H1N1, or even SARS. this is a real pandemic and it’s not going to go away. You will still see people who say this is not a real pandemic. Those are the people that believe it should be like movies where bodies are just dropping left and right and we are thrown into the reality of an apocalyptic society. It does not work that way and this virus is no slowing down and it will continue to make its way around the world and continue to take casualties along with it. To see how you can better prepare check out our post The Pandemic Checklist by follow the link

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