Coronavirus Update March 6th 2020

Coronavirus March 6 2020  update on the coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) released reports of a 3.4% mortality rate of COVID-19. Doing simple math today. I got 3.8% but that’s besides the point. This number could really be anywhere between 2%-3% because of people who are refusing medical care and just those stubborn people that everyone knows (I’m one of those people).

Many epidemiologist are now saying this virus will infect more people than any other pandemic in recorded history. it will eventually become like the common flu I believe once the body has built up some natural immunity to it but it seems like that could take a couple generations from what I am gathering from interviews of epidemiologist.

Many people say the season flu is worse and when this virus was first formed I in a way believe that as well. “Oh great the world is ending again” I thought. However it became more serious when I was looking into stats and how the virus spreads and the incubation period. I am now fully convinced that I, my wife, and quite possibly my children will be infected with this virus in the coming weeks or months. Lucky, we are relatively young and this should not affect us much. Even better, only .9% of infections are children and so far not one child has died from COVID-19.

This virus has a much higher mortality rate for individuals 40 and above. Really though 60+ are the individuals that seem to be in the most danger from this virus.

Let’s look at the numbers

There are roughly 7.7 billion people in the world. That means 4.62 billion to 6.16 billion people could potentially get infected by this virus. 3.4% of those numbers indicated that 157 million to 209 million people could die from this infection. That is absolutely insane to try and comprehend. Now let’s just do 2% because those numbers could be off or it could weaken as it spread as well. However, that is still 92.4 million to 123.2 million people becoming fatalities to this virus.

Put it in Perspective

Imagine walking outside to your suburban neighborhood, the hood you live in, your apartment complex, or even your trailer park. Now imagine 80% of your neighbors, your loved ones, your friends in that community infected. Imagine a few of them dying now? It is absolutely crazy to consider.


At first, I was very skeptical to say the least. This isn’t like Ebola, H1N1, or even SARS. this is a real pandemic and it’s not going to go away. You will still see people who say this is not a real pandemic. Those are the people that believe it should be like movies where bodies are just dropping left and right and we are thrown into the reality of an apocalyptic society. It does not work that way and this virus is no slowing down and it will continue to make its way around the world and continue to take casualties along with it. To see how you can better prepare check out our post The Pandemic Checklist by follow the link

Coronavirus vs. Influenza

The Coronavirus is all over the word and seems to be taking the front level of the national news and the media, rightfully so as well. As pretty much everyone knows the virus started in China, whether you believe it is a bio-weapon or you believe it occurred at the seafood market it is clear it started in China. Side note: as someone who has been to China I can strongly believe this did indeed occur at one of those markets.

Chinese Meat Markets

Chinese and other third world countries stack animals on top of animal and feces, urine, blood anything you can think, get transferred from one animal to the next, one species to the next. Some of these are zoonotic viruses and some are not. A zoonotic virus is one that can be spread to humans (, n.d.). So in this case two bats could have two different type of coronaviruses. One could have been able to spreads to humans and one could have had no abilities to cross the species. Through living in close quarters, one of the bats is then infected with both versions of a coronavirus creating this mutated version of the two that humans eventually declare, novel coronavirus. If early reports were indeed true than the same type of equation could have happened but with a snake and a bat mutating the virus.

China coronavirus meat markets and what to do to stop the pandemic
Clink the photo to go to another article about China, coronavirus, and the unsanitary Chinese meat markets

Morality Rates

The world health organization recently stated on twitter that the Coronavirus has roughly a 3.4% mortality rate. However, many people are preaching that the average flu kills more people annually or this is just the common flu, it won’t this year and it is not just the common cold or flu. The common seasonal flu has a mortality rate of lower than 1%. This is considerably lower than the Coronavirus mortality rate of 3.4%

R0 (R-naught)

Additionally the rate of infection of the Coronavirus is also much higher than that of the flu. Jo Craven McGinty of the Wall Street Journal talks about R0 and how that effects a virus or infection. “An R0 of two suggests a single infection will, on average, become two, then four, then eight” (2020). Depending on what source you are looking at the R0 of the coronavirus is anywhere from 2.3 to 5.6. So there is no exactly number currently and there typically is no exact number for any infection rate. However, it is considerably higher than the R0 of 1.3 for the flu. So for every one person that is infected with the seasonal flu, they will then spread it to on average, 1.3 individuals. For the Coronavirus it is still too soon to tell or get a more accurate idea. However, it does appear that each person infected will give it to 2-5 individuals.

Comparing Mortality Rates

Marc Lipsitch a professor of epidemiology at Harvard says the virus “will infect 40-70% of the world-wide population” and will essentially be uncontainable (McGinty, 2020). So if 40 percent of the world’s population is infect that is roughly 3.8 billion people. At an average of .7%, that means the seasonal flu would kill roughly 21 million people if indeed that many people were infected with influenza. With the same number infected by the Coronavirus 129.2 million people are going to be a fatal victim of this outbreak. 

Now let’s look at 70% of the world which is 5.39 billion people with 189,260,000 people dying versus just over 37 million in terms of the seasonal flu. These are not the same and while the number still sounds like a good amount. The seasonal flu simply does not infect nearly that number because of the flu vaccines that are available around the world. Additionally, some individuals have a bit of natural immunity to influenza. This virus is brand new, so therefore there is no immunity out there for any human being and while many tabloids are saying they have a coronavirus vaccine they simple do not. The Center forDisease Control and the World Health Organization both said we as human race are approximately 18 months out from actually having a vaccination that can be given in large quantities to individuals. 

However, the Coronavirus is very similar in terms of the 1918 outbreak of influenza at the time. That was also a strand of a virus that we had not seen in that time. The 1918 outbreak was dubbed “The Spanish Flu” and here is a link to an article comparing the Spanish flu of 1918 and the 2020 Novel-Coronavirus.


This virus has the potential to spread father, spread quicker, infector more individuals, and kill more people than influenza. This virus many experts say cannot be contained and will become a part of our normal lvies much like the flu is now. However, with not having a vaccine for some duration of time, there will be casualties. This is not the end of the world and the sky is not falling but many people with die in all countries around the world from this virus mainly elderly and people with already existing immune disorders.


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McGinty, J. C. (2020, February 17). How many people might one person with Coronavirus infect?.

Comparing the Coronavirus to the Spanish Flu

Coronavirus compared to the Spanish flu

The Coronavirus is sweeping the nation and many people believe some governments are making some of the same mistakes they did for the Spanish Flu as well, but more on that in a bit. In this article we will be breaking down the novel coronavirus to the 1918 pandemic strain of influenza that killed millions.

Background on the Coronavirus

Everyone is researching the Coronavirus now it seems like. Everyone has their own opinions on it as well. “Oh it is just the flu”, “No the flu is actually worse!”, “the sky is falling, this is the end of humanity (tinfoil hat alert)”. No matter what people should not be getting their news from tabloid sites such as daily mail or esquire etc. Even this website is not where you should be getting your news sources from. However, it seems like many people do not want to research these things so I decided to and below are the findings and at the bottom are link to take you to where I found this information.

The virus started in China as early as November to late December scientist believe. What is reported by credible news sources is that it was transmitted from animals at a seafood market in Wuhan, China. Whether you believe that or not is not what the current discussion is about. At the time of this article it is in 40 countries and here in the United States only 11 people have died with roughly 110 “confirmed cases”. I put quotes around that because there are many more cases and this much is clear, it does not take a scientist to know that the United States is purposefully being very strict on who can get tested for the Novel Coronavirus in America. They are not testing people even in states where the infection currently is. It has to be within the “epicenter”. The epicenter is just an area that has had burst or miniature outbreaks of the virus. Washington State and more specifically Seattle are epicenters of the virus.

Coronavirus and the Spanish flu mortality rate

How does the Coronavirus Translate to the Spanish Flu?

When it comes to the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus it is currently around 3.4% which is what the World Health Organization (WHO) reported March 3, 2020 (Aaro, 2020). Additionally, it appears that the 2020 Olympics will also either be cancelled or postponed (Aaro, 2020). The Spanish Flu’s mortality was much more severe it appears. In 1918 about one-third of the world’s population was infected with the Spanish flu (500 million people), the estimated number of deaths was at least 50 million (, 2020). It does not take a genius to do simple math to find out that the mortality rate was about 10% according to the Center for Disease Control. The Spanish Flu seems to be a mystery in the fact that many news sources say it had a mortality rate of 2-3% which would make it less than that of the novel coronavirus but doing the math given by the CDC show that it is indeed, a much higher fatality rate.

The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history (, 2020). It is still unclear what caused the flu but it is clear that I did not originated in Spain. It occurred during World War I and at the height of the war. Countries were pitted against each other and all countries had cases of this particular strain of influenza. However, no country came forward about it because they did not want the opposing side to find out and see it as a chance to strike. So they covered up the case. Spain was relatively neutral during World War I so they were the first ones to be honest about the outbreak in their country (, 2020). Recently epidemiologist speculate that the outbreak came to Spain from China when soldiers were shipped there. It seems like it is always China that has these outbreaks or is the cause of them. A detailed article of the Coronavirus and outbreaks in China can be found at

There were actually two different waves of the Spanish flu though. The flu first appeared in March of 1918 and seemed to just be a highly contagious strand of the flu (Roos, 2020). The pandemic went on to last two whole years but the vast majority of deaths happened in just three month in the fall of 1918 (Roos, 2020). It is speculated that the military members across the world moving, relocating, and traveling to different war zones across the world and back again made the virus mutate somewhere along the way causing it to be more deadly than the original wave of the virus.

Who dies because of the Coronavirus and the Spanish Flu?

This is where the two infections start to become different. The Spanish Flu was a deadly virus to pretty much anyone. However, it primarily killed individuals 0-5, 20-40, and 65+ years of age. The 20-40 was something that was brand new in terms of a pandemic, this infection was killing relatively healthy adults with strong immune systems (, 2020). CV seems to be slightly different, it can definitely still kill healthy individuals like the whistleblower of the Coronavirus Dr. Li Wenliang who was only 34 years of age. However, many people believe the Chinese Communist Party actually had him killed (honestly, feel like that would be a little less alarming for the rest of the world).

Typically, the coronavirus is killing elderly individuals or individuals with pre-existing immune diseases or illnesses. So the average health adult has a very good chance at getting the Coronavirus and recovering from it. Even though some recent articles suggest that the virus actually lies dormant in your system after one is “cured”. This is purely speculation at this point though.

How Easily can this Spread Compared to 1918?

The R0 is a rating in which epidemiologist give a disease or virus to dictate how fast it will spread to another person. If a disease has an R0 of 1.8 such as the Spanish Flu did than it means that when a person is infected, they typically pass it along to 1.8 people so typically 2 people, sometimes just one. Recent Coronavirus studies show that it can have a R0 of anywhere from 2.3-5.6. So it is quite a big jump in how easily these can be transmittable.

Differences in the Time Periods

​This is something that is definitely going to play a factor in how deadly or how easily the Coronavirus can spread compared to the Spanish Flu. Many people say today’s health care systems are so much better than back then. They would certainly be correct and it is not even close. However, there are factors in today’s society that could make this spread much quicker, and infect much more of the world than the Spanish Flu. Individuals are traveling at a pace that has never been seen before and certainly was not available in 1918. Soldiers were bringing the disease home on boats. Today, someone can get on a plan and be in another country in just a few hours. How think of the millions of people that travel, EVERY SINGLE DAY. How many of them do you think are currently carrying the virus and do not even know it yet because they have no fever or any other symptoms? 

​Additionally, according to a very disturbing statistic by there was a study done for individuals in which only 1% of people washed their hands the way the CDC recommends which is simply just wet, lather, scrub for 20 seconds, rinse, and dry your hands properly. That is simply astonishing and shows that this disease is not going to be eradicated anytime soon. 

​Something else to think about is your phone. That little extension of your arm that you glare at for hour’s every day is a germ infested world. It is unreal the amount of bacteria and germs is on someone’s phone. Individuals will wash their hands (probably incorrectly) and then proceed to touch their phone without properly disinfecting it. 

In today’s society fitness is probably bigger than it ever has been as well. The fitness industry is an absolute booming industry. However, the amount of germs in a traditional fitness center would give germophobes a heart attack. A treadmill done in a study had a bacteria level of 2,134 in just an average fitness center in America (, 2018). That of course is not good news when someone comes into the gym touches there mouth or nose and then touches pieces of equipment you use after them and then you touch your own mouth etc.

Fitness centers and the coronavirus

If you want to know ways to better prepare for the coming pandemic then follow the link below to come across our pandemic checklist article for more information.

While it may not be as deadly when it comes to percentages. It does appear that the coronavirus has the potential to infect a great population of the world and therefore reaching a high fatality number when this infection is under control. This is by far a pandemic and citizens should be preparing for such. If not for the virus than for possible quarantines and crazed citizens.


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Roos, D. (2020, March 3). Why the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu Was So Deadly. Retrieved March 5, 2020, from (2018, January 18). Germs in gyms: Which popular machine is the geekiest?

6 Animals for Self Sufficiency- A Preppers Guide to Owning Live Stock

Many people in the world would love to rely on the grocery store less and not have to make as many trips. Especially when it is for one or two items that always seem to be forget (milk, meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs, etc.). However, many individuals have problems when it comes to having animals. Problems that typically arise are no room for the animals, not time to take care of them, or farm animals seem just like it would be too much work overall. This could not be more untrue.

1. Chickens

animals for being more self sufficient

Honestly, this is my favorite animal when it comes to being self sufficient. Some chickens can lay eggs up to 320 days out of the year. The average cost for ten hens can range from $35-$100 depending on location and breed. Having some chickens in the back yard requires very little space. A nice chicken coop for four hens can even be purchased on Amazon for $200-$300. If you have a fence they can be free range chickens and that will save cost on food as well as they can primarily fend for themselves. However, throwing some feed for them will be required occasionally. If you have a garden adding some corn and sunflowers would be good for chickens and their food.

chickens are good for being self sufficient

Chickens are prone to diseases though so it is important to clean the coop, sanitize there water, and/or feeding devices once a week. A good mix for sanitization is one part bleach for every ten parts of water. A daily check however is just a quick walk through of their living quarters to ensure the chickens seem alert, collecting eggs, and topping off food and water for the feathery friends. This can take as little as 5-10 minutes a day and thirty minutes once a week.

Chickens can help people be self sufficient in a few different ways. They offer eggs frequently depending on what type of chicken it is. Additionally, they offer a good meat and protein source if needed. They also serve as insect control for your garden if they are free ranging. Finally, the feathers can be used in pillows, clothing, and jewelry as well.

2. Goats

animals for being more self sufficient

For one goats are absolutely adorable. However, they are also amazing animals when it comes to being self sufficient as well. They are relatively easy to care offer, offer dairy products, and on occasion meat as well. Certain goats can also produce fibers that can be used for clothing as well.

animals for being more self sufficient. Goat milk can have many uses.
Goat milk can typically be tolerated by individuals who cannot tolerate cow milk

Uses and Living Quarters: Goats can produce milk which can be used as such in additional to be used for cheese yogurt, and even soap as well. Goats can typically fend for themselves as well. If they are given enough room to roam they can remain happy and healthy. A goat can try to escape although this is way more commonplace in goats that are not happy. Happy goats typically do not try to escape their living quarters. They will need some shelter from the elements of nature though.

animals for being more self sufficient. Goat cheese is a nice tasty treat
Goat cheese !

Time: They do require more time than chickens though. Approximately 15-20 minutes daily and probably about 30-60 minutes once every other week to clean their living quarters. Depending on how many goats you have determines what size the shelter should be.

3. Rabbits

animals for being more self sufficient

Rabbits do not have many uses. It is pretty much one and some people shy away from it, eating them. They make the list just because how easy they are to take care of and how easily they can multiply and create a sustainable meat source for a great amount of time. There is a reason there is a saying for people doing something like rabbits.

Rabbits take up hardly any rooms as well. They can roams free or be put into a kennel type cage. Additionally, they are super easy to feed. They can be feed homemade or store bought feed mix, extra vegetables from your garden, or even weeds/grass clippings. Finally, they are good for the garden as their droppings provide great fertilizer that does not need to be compacted.

Finally, if you have a two story chicken coop the rabbits can live above in the room that chickens cannot access. Using some spare wood and a scrap metal could make a divider above the chickens roaming room to provide a home for the rabbits.

animals for being more self sufficient. Rabbit meat is very good source of protein.
Rabbit meat can be a delicious source of protein for long term self sufficiency

4. Ducks

animals for being more self sufficient

Ducks typically have the same pros as chickens. The only major difference is that ducks require slightly more and they do not lay as many eggs on average. However, when they do, there eggs are slightly larger and richer than chickens eggs. Additionally, they can provide a different meat source so that individuals and families have some variety when it comes to their meat choices. However, the female ducks can be a little louder at times.

animals for being more self sufficient

Ducks require a shelter as well just like chickens. However, ducks also require some form of water near them as well and protection from predators. The water source can be a creek, lake, or even a kitty pool right out side of the duck shelter so they have safe access to water. This will keep your ducks happy and healthy for a great period of time. Additionally, ducks are typically less likely to be carriers of diseases. Making them ultimately a safer bet than their chicken counterpart.

animals for being more self sufficient

5. Honey Bees

animals for being more self sufficient

Honey bees can be benefit individuals in a few different ways. Security, honey, and pollination. They require a bit more when it comes to start up cost but can effectively be started for about $400 and keep producing honey with pretty much just the initial investment. However, they can be a horror if anyone is allergic to them.

Honey would be a blessing to have constantly as it can go on so many different things: toast, peanut butter sandwiches, biscuits, etc. and it stays good for as long as it is properly sealed. Additionally, it could create a small profit selling it to the neighbors or bartering for other products.

animals for being more self sufficient

They can help your garden by pollinating and the specific taste of your honey could change depending on what is available to pollinate nearby meaning one could experiment with what type of plants they put nearby.

6. Guinea Fowl

animals for being more self sufficient

This member of the poultry family has a couple different purposes. I would only keep one or even two as they do not serve as much purpose as their other poultry counterparts. However, they can be hutched with chickens as well.

They offer comfort as an alarm system. If anything unusual is in the area they are going to make it very known and very quickly. However, that can translate to many false alarms as a security system and can become annoying. The meat taste similar to chicken but with a slight difference and they do not produce as many eggs. In fact, probably about 60% off the eggs that chickens typically produce. However, if you live in an area where ticks are a serious problem. Let a couple off these go and they will no longer be as ticks are the favorite meal of this type of bird.

To learn more about some of the easier plants that can be grown on a homestead feel free to check out another writer on Low Maintenance Plant to Grow for your Homestead


The Pandemic Checklist

the pandemic checklist

I believe the Coronavirus or COVID-19 will become the next global pandemic. Although, I am just a prepper trying to share some thoughts, so if this does not interest you or you completely disagree, I understand. However, I do believe it is something everyone should keep their eye on in the coming weeks. This outbreak did cause many people to realize they are not prepared if a pandemic were to happen. This list is simply helping individuals and like minded people prep. This is not an all-inclusive list, just some ideas to get you going and do not think you need to do all of this to properly prepare for COVID-19. However, this could be needed for the next pandemic. Feel free to comment with better ideas below so anyone reading can see your preps as well.

1. Personal Protective Equipment

personal protective equipment in the pandemic checklist

Everything in this picture above, preppers should have at their disposal.

The pandemic checklist coronavirus
  • N 95 protective mask
  • Goggles
  • Rubber and latex gloves
  • Rubber boots
  • Medical gown

These items could go a long way in protecting yourself and your family in the event of a global pandemic. You should start little by little collecting these items as you go.

Coronavirus protective equipment

2. Cleaning Supplies

Coronavirus cleaning equipment

This is something I have seen in many groups and forums online. People have zero idea what cleaning items and supplies they can use to live contamination free. Items such as bleach, more rubber gloves, and multiple different types of disinfectants can go a long way. Taking empty laundry detergent bottles and filling them with a 90/10% ratio of water to bleach will also help disinfect homes and work areas.

Coronavirus hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and washing your hands is a must. Make sure you wash for at least 30 seconds. A recent study showed 61% of men and 35% of women do not wash their hands on a regular basis. That is a major problem when a pandemic is happening and will cause the virus to spread like wildfire. Proper hygiene is a must in trying to combat any virus or bacteria.

Coronavirus protective equipment

Hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap, wet wipes (baby wipes), and other cleaners should also be on the list for pandemic prepping.

3. Basic Supplies

basic supplies for the pandemic checklist

When it comes to a pandemic bugging out is no longer the best option. Instead, bugging in because the best option for people. When someone is bugging in it because essential to have a good stock of supplies handy so you eliminate the need to go out and get them. In doing this, your chances of contamination shrink rapidly. Below are some ideas on things that you should be stockpiling in case of a doomsday event and things I believe stores would run out of quickly.

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils
  • 100’ of plastic sheets
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Tooth paste
  • Garbage bags
  • Duct tape
  • Extra bedding and sheets

The plastic wrap can be used to seal doors and windows to prevent it from being brought into your home. Toilet paper is obvious along with other toiletries. Duct tape to seal anything off that will not seal on its own.

Coronavirus protective equipment

4. Medical Equipment & Supplies

Antibiotics are a most but those can be hard to get in a time of crisis and will not work for a virus. Mainly just used for bacterial infections.

medical equipment for coronavirus pandemic checklist

Other items to consider:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Fever medication
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Decongestants
  • Cough drops
  • Airborne tablets

5. Food

This is essential to not going out and potential catching the virus/bacteria. Having a sustainable amount of food is huge in preparing for any catastrophe. You do not need to buy anything all at once but there are some essentials when it come to food.

  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned beans
  • Canned meat like tuna and chicken
  • Boxed foods with long expiration dates
  • Boxed rice
  • Freeze dried foods
  • Non-dairy powdered milk
  • Peanut butter

In addition to these. Vitamin or fiber Supplements can be good as well. A great thing to do would be start a garden. Even if you live in an apartment you can get some cheap pots and dirt from outside. Seeds cost less than a dollar for pretty much every plant.

food for the pandemic checklist

Keep in mind you also need purified, healthy water as well. The best way to get this over time is if you drink milk or tea out of a gallon, when it is empty refill with water and set in the floor of your pantry, shed, barn, or garage. Overtime you will have enough water to last you a month or two. When using this technique it is best to add a couple drops of bleach to ensure that the water is still clean and safe to drink. Also stock up on water purification tablets or purifiers.

Having a food source that is steady and self sufficient can really help as well. For more information refer to my other blog post on the best self sufficient animals to have

Gardening is another tool when it comes to having a food source that is steady and flowing regularly another writer covers this in Low Maintenance Plants that you can Grow to Start your Homestead

6. What About Children/Babies?

This is something that should really be taken into account and thought of. If need be diapers are not a must. Things are just going to get messy and you’ll need to be creative. Some cloth diapers could go a long way as normal diapers will take up too much room with boxes. We already said wet wipes should be on the list. If you are not breast feeding than having a months supply of formula will do the trick and a couple different types of infants medication (rash cream, Tylenol, Motrin).

When it comes to older children once again canned and box food is going to be a go to. Boxed macaroni and cheese and other types of kid friendly foods. Make sure you have children’s medicine as well and you are teaching them good hygiene techniques.

7. Other Things to Keep in Mind

1. In the event of a pandemic if you do leave the house. But on your gloves, boots, face mask, and the rest of your protective equipment. Tuck your pants into your boots and shirt into your gloves. When you get back in your vehicle begin the disinfectant proceeds. First your gloves than anything you may have touched on your way to the location.

Next when you get home leave everything you got outside your door for the moment. Go inside, take a HOT shower, wash your clothes immediately and then bring the items inside. Begin disinfecting the items with a disinfectant wipe. After this is competed then disinfect your immediate area and seal off your home again.

2. When you do go out get items in bulk so that you won’t have to go out in the future for something.

3. Try not to touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. Especially when out and about.

4. When disinfecting think of places like:

  • Door knobs
  • Sink faucets
  • Refrigerator and microwave handles
  • Controller or remotes
  • Your phone
  • Countertops
  • Car seats
  • Anything you touch often


Enough said.

6. Alcohol

This maybe a good thing to have just in case. Not much for disinfectant but could help pass the time. However, keep in mind this does lower your immune system so if you plan on going out, no drinking 24 hours before.

acohol coronavirus and the pandemic checklist

We completely understand right now these may seem absolutely ridiculous. Like stated in the beginning this is not intended for the Coronavirus at this moment. This is a hypothetical list to ensure you have some what of an idea what to do if there was a pandemic.

Feel free to subscribe or follow below. Comment any additional tips you have. We are all in this together!

The Coronavirus: What Should I Do? Is this the Next Pandemic?

Coronavirus United states

The new Chinese Coronavirus is the most recent thing in the news. It seems it is all over the place figuratively and quite possibly literally. Some websites are saying everything is fine and the common cold is more concerning than this.

However, other websites are showing videos that are apparently from Twitter and other social media networks of doctors crying talking about how “there are too many patients and deaths for them to do anything”, people falling over in the street and dying, and bodies lying in the hallways of hospitals dead because there is not enough room.

How Did it Start?

This new Coronavirus started in china and is allegedly a mutation of the virus carried by fruit bats. The virus was transferred to a snake when the protein bonding elements changed during a mutation to where it could then be contracted by humans. It is a good guess that one of the many unregulated or illegal meat marketing in China was the cause of this. There is reason to believe it was a meat market selling illegal exotic animals in Wuhan, China. The first case was a middle aged man that was reported on December 31st. Since then, the virus has spread to a reported 900 people and several different countries. However, this is just the reported number and it is almost certain the real number is higher. We are just not sure how much higher it is than the reported number.

The first case in the United States was reported on Jan. 24, and there has been other cases as well as potential cases. All individuals traveling home from China. It is confirmed the virus is in Washington state and in Chicago, Illinois as well. Texas, North Carolina, and Maine or some of the other state where potential cases are as well.

How is the Virus Spreading?

As of right now it appears the virus is spread from the air (particles being breathed in from a cough or sneeze), close personal contact with an infected person, and touching a contaminated item then touching your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Could this Be the Next Global Emergency?

Coronavirus United States

This is hard to answer as it is still relatively new. It was reported that the World Health Organization was split on whether or not to declare this a world health emergency. The ruling was ultimately not to because it is mainly in China. However, as this article is be written there are 12 cities in China under quarantine and an estimated 36 million individuals in those cities. It seems it will not be long before those cities start to become chaotic and that is something the Chinese government does not want to deal with. However, when it comes to the Chinese government, they have been known for not being forthcoming when it comes to illnesses in the past. The 2003 outbreak of a similar illness, SARS was highly downplayed by the Chinese government and was essentially like they were trying to cover it up. That very well could be going on here. I encourage everyone to do their own research and see these photos and videos for themselves.

Coronavirus United States
This is probably the more accurate depiction of what the virus will do but at this time there is no for sure answer

What Can I do to Better Prepare in case this is a Global Emergency?

There are some actions you can take to better prepare yourself in case this is indeed the worlds next pandemic and major catastrophe.

1. Wash your Hands Regularly

Coronavirus United States

This is an important step that honestly a good chunk of Americans do not partake in. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims that only 31% of men and 65% of women washing their hands after going to a bathroom. Washing your hands for at least thirty seconds and good hygiene will go a long way in giving your immune system the boost in needs to protect you from this virus. Don’t forget to use hot water when doing so!

2. Disinfect Yourself, Your Home, and Office Frequently

Coronavirus United States

This is another step that can go a long way in keeping your home contamination free. Using disinfectant wipes or spray in addition to washing clothes in hot water can fight illness and keep you living a healthy lifestyle. Not just clothes but washing your sheets and pillow cases can go a long way as well. When disinfecting it is important or get everything you think might be touched on a daily basis. Door knobs- Refrigerator door handle – Microwave door handle – Toothbrush – Video Game controller/TV remote- Sink faucet and knobs- Vacuum/Sweeper- Dinner table- Your phone!!!

  • Door knobs
  • Refrigerator door handle
  • Microwave door handle
  • Toothbrush
  • Video Game controller/TV remote
  • Sink faucet and knobs
  • Vacuum/Sweeper
  • Dinner table
  • Your phone!!!

What About Public Places?

If this is indeed a serious virus, getting a face mask and latex gloves could go a long way in reduce potential contamination. Do not touch anyone at all. When you get home, immediately wash your clothes and take a hot shower. Afterwards, disinfect anything you may have touched before you cleaned yourself. This is if the virus is very severe and does indeed end up causing many fatalities. I will be the first to admit this is extreme but this could make a serious difference if/when this virus is declared a global emergency.

Should I Stock Up on Food?

Stocking up on food is always a good option as well. In addition to immune booster supplements and eating HEALTHY food. AVOID fast food or public restaurants because the cook could be a carrier as well (again if this becomes a global emergency).

Coronavirus United States

If this is indeed declared a global emergency, it will be far too late to stock up on food or supplies as many people will immediately head to store to prepare for what is to come. Be safe and prepare ahead of time. Get what you can (within your budget!) before it is declared an emergency and beat the crowd. If it ends up not being an emergency than you just have some extra food and supplies you will eventually use anyways.

Would a Flue Shot Help? Is it too late?

Coronavirus United States

In a way yes the flu shot would help but not in the way you may think. It is not going to make you immune to the virus. However, it could help researchers and medical personnel with diagnosis and initial reports. The two share many initial systems so the less people with the common cold would help not waste time or resources.

I do not believe this virus will be the next global pandemic that will kill millions, but it is better to be safe than sorry. HOWEVER, At some point in time, one will happen again. It is not a question of if, but more so when that will happen.

Five Things that Should Always Be in Your Camping Pack

Five things you should always have camping

Camping can be an amazing experience if done properly. A true bonding time for the family and/or a chance for people to get back to our primal roots. However, it should be done properly and with the equipment to ensure whatever your objective is, that you are successful. This starts with having the proper gear. These are five things you want to make sure are included that people often forget.

Essential camping gear

1. A Dependable Knife

A nice knife or ever a hatchet is something that can be used someway every single time you go camping or really do almost anything in the outdoors. This is an absolute must have that people tend to forget for some reason.

Essential camping gear

2. Proper Weather Attire

This is another thing that can not be understated. You don’t want to be miserable the whole time because you are cold or even wet. Be prepared for anything that could be thrown your way when you are camping. Pack a jacket and be safe rather than sorry.

Essential camping gear

3. Batteries

These little guys can make or break your trip. These can power some of the stoves you may use, flash lights, and lanterns. not just having batteries, but having some spares can go a long way in having a successful trip.

Essential camping gear

4. Duct Tape

You never know when you are going to need some duct tape. From fixing a tent that has ripped to taping down table clothes during high winds. Duct tape should be something that everyone has handy whether it is in the vehicle, home, bug-out-bag, and in their camping pack.

Essential camping gear

5. Bug Spray

This is one that cannot be stressed enough. Nothing can ruin a fun time in the great outdoors like having mosquitos all ever the place and having to deal with these pesky creatures. having some bug spray handy could pay off in a big way. Additionally there are things to put into your fire: lavender, mint leaves, sage and citronella all do some amazing work when it comes to keeping these nuisances away.

Why you Should Not Be Surprised this Outbreak Came from China

Health officials in China are scrambling trying to contain this new coronavirus that has reportedly just been identified in the United States, Washington State to be more specific. This disease is easily spread and is similar to the Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). China was also ground zero for SARS. It infected nearly 8,000 individuals killing just under 800 during the 2002-2003 outbreak of the virus.

All this should not be news to an informed individual. However, you should not be surprised this outbreak, SARS, and many other come from China and other Asian countries. Local meat markets in these locations make it ground zero for the next virus. I am surprised it did not happen sooner. The question was never if it would happen again, but rather when it would happen again.

Coronavirus United States
An example of what a local meat market would look like.

Even with outstanding food, sterilization, and contamination practices, some viruses are just going to mutate and spread. It will always happen and there is nothing anyone or any country can do about that. Unfortunately, when it comes to diseases humans are reactive not proactive in this because frankly there is not another choice. Medical facilities have to wait for the disease or virus to be formed before you can even begin to think of a cure or immunity to that specific strand. It can take anywhere from 3-15 years to come up with a vaccine for a new virus or disease.

China has local food/meat markets that are all spread across the country in cities such as their capital, Hong Kong. In these markets there are all kinds of different animals: chickens, pigs, ducks, pigeons, sheep, goat, bats and more. These animals will be stacked on top of each other in cages. They will be killed with the same tools as the last animal with no form of cleaning and highly susceptible to cross contamination.

Coronavirus United States

Why This Should be a Problem?

This is a problem because it makes it to where these animals are closely packed together and creating a breeding ground for viruses. For example, let us say animal A (bat) has a virus and animal B (sheep) has one of the estimated 1.5 million unknown viruses in the world. These two animals cannot directly impact each other. However, if they both come into contact with animal C (pig) then the two viruses can meet into the body and mutate to form a stronger virus. The virus could be more deadly in animal A and more contagious in animal B. However, when combined into our Animal C. The mutation takes on the morality rate and contamination rate of the other two. Making this virus more deadly than the other two previous viruses.

When animal C is finally butchered. The meat will be contaminated and if not properly cooked could infect the person eating it. Now if the market is not practicing good sterilization habits, which most are not. Then the table, the knife, the butcher, and essentially the entire area can be contaminated. Which then spreads to other individuals.

Coronavirus United States

It is No Big Deal Though Right? It’s in China.

WRONG! SARS started in China and within a couple weeks it was in different areas of the world. Same with this new virus that is spreading. Especially with places such as Hong Kong that are tourist attractions, any virus can be spread across the world in a matter of days. For instance if a subject travels to Hong Kong and wants to try the local meat market to really get the experience of the culture they could hypothetically get infected with this virus. They go back to their hotel or wherever they are staying. The next day they wake up feeling ill. They are coughing or even throwing up depending on the virus.

They cough in the hallways, the touch the buttons on the elevator, and they could potentially throw up in their room. This infects let us say 9 different people in the hotel that were on their floor, walked those halls, and also rode in that elevator. Those nine people are from different countries such as United States, Japan, Germany, etc. They board their planes to travel back home.

Once again they start coughing on their flight. They touch their seat and their arm rest on the seats. Soon that plane becomes contaminated and get spread to a couple of the other passengers and continues to spread and spread. So while it may very well be on the other side of the world. This outbreak and future outbreaks could be spread in a matter of days, not weeks. So it most definitely is a big deal. Coronaviruses can infect pigs, cattle, domestic and wild birds, rodents, and cats, along with dogs. With loose regulations on food and work place hygiene these countries are breeding ground for the next pandemic that the world will face. If it is not already here it is merely just a question of when, not if it will arrive.

10 Things Every Dad Should Have

As a father you set the tone and model for how a man should act for your children. Additionally, you set the example of what your daughter should look for in a man. So it is important that you not only act as a good person but act as a good man. There are certain things every man should have at any given time in his home and some on his person.

1. A pocket knife that ideally has been passed down in the family. Every man should have a nice pocket knife.
2. A suit that you can actually fit into.
3. Exercise equipment of some type. It does not have to be a full on gym but every day should have some exercise equipment.
4. A set of tools to get any job done at any given time.
5. A single meal that you can knock out of the park 100% of the time. Ideally you would want more than one but at least one.
6. A nice cast iron stove
7. An everyday carry (EDC) list of items. doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as your phone, wallet, and a multi-tool.
8. An outdoor bag. One that is good for hiking, camping, fishing, anything in the great outdoors.
9. Some form of firearm. You should be able to protect yourself and your family at any given time.
10. Finally, a nice work bench put those tools to use. Make items for the kiddos and the wife.

The $20 Healthy Grocery List

Look, most of us have had those times where funds are tight. Sometimes you need some help and find a way to cut back, even if it is just a little bit.I have been there myself. You may think that going to the grocery store includes dropping a $100+ every time. Well I am here to tell you that it does NOT. Here is my healthy grocery list for under $20 a week. Keep in mind this is not the healthiest option, but unfortunately in our society healthy = more expensive.

The Broke Man’s Shopping List

  • 1 lb ground turkey, $3
  • 1 pack of the cheapest pasta noodles, $1,
  • ½ lb thin sliced deli meat of your choosing (preferably turkey), $2
  • Head of lettuce, $1
  • 1 carton of eggs, $1.50
  • 1 lb bagged rice, $1
  • 1 jar of Peanut Butter, $2
  • 1/2 gallon of low fat milk, $1.25
  • 1 bag of potatoes, $3
  • Pound of in season fruit like bananas, $.75
  • 1 lb package of bread, $1
  • 1 lb of the cheapest chicken you can find (typically thighs or drumsticks), $2.5

Which comes to a total of exactly $20

Meal Plans for the week

I do not typically at breakfast so that would help me pinch a couple pennies here but if you do here are some sample meals based off this list:

  1. Slice of toast, 2 eggs, and season fruit (banana)
  2. Slice of toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk
  3. Eggs and fried potatoes

Some ideas for lunch:

  1. Egg sandwich
  2. Deli meat sandwich
  3. 2 eggs and 4 oz piece of the chicken (important to add any dressings you may have for some added flavor
  4. Leftovers

And then finally dinner:

  1. Spaghetti, this can be done with the ground turkey or chicken but use it sparingly you will need it other nights.
  2. Pan fried chicken and potato wedges (take one of the fatter potatoes and slice it length wise, add some olive oil or melted butter and throw some salt and pepper on the slices and bake in the oven on 425 for 25 minutes.
  3. Chicken and rice
  4. Take the lettuce and make little taco shells or boats if you will and put some ground turkey or shredded chicken in them with pretty much whatever condiments or toppings you have in the fridge.

Rating: 1 out of 5.